Protofuture is an independent music label based in Berlin, run by Andrea Dama. It launched in 2019 with the mission to reissue few old mixtapes produced by Beppe Loda during his years of DJing in Brescia, Italy (1970s-90s). Protofuture has since then expanded, exploring the infinite possibilities of contemporary music.  

Berlin's veteran mad scientist of discarded MIDI Hi-Tech, Novo Line's Nat Fowler arrives on Protofuture for a special collaboration with Cocktail d'Amore resident DJs Dama (tracks selection) and Trent (mixing/mastering), combining their unique voices in electronic dance music for a choose-your-own-adventure of club transgressions. ︎
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Unreleased tracks written and composed by Leo Young between 1990 and 2001. ︎
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Produced by RE_FORMA for the exhibition Caterina Gobbi: my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed. Presented at ZÖNOTÉKA, Berlin, 18.01.20–02.02.20, as part of Vorspiel / Transmediale & CTM 2020. ︎
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A reissue of the 3rd installment of Beppe Loda’s “Acid Jazz” tapes. Acid Jazz is a series of 10 mixtapes recorded by Loda between 1994–96 in Brescia, Italy for the Sound Music Room Club ︎
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