Protofuture is an independent music label based in Berlin. Run by Andrea Dama, it serves as a creative output for his own productions as well as various projects up his alley.

Midi fanfare orchestrator Novo Line is back on Protofuture with a blazing 12”. His album “Racconti” (a concept-album on cassette) gets reinterpreted by the artist’s confrères Eva Geist, Dama, Wilted Woman, Tyler Pope and Elena Colombi, one year after its original release.︎
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Digital album €5.99

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Psycho Banda is the eighth release of Rue du Nord, a Lausanne-based ensemble active since the year 2000. Navigating between psychedelic rock, progressive free fanfare and trippy, repetitive electronic music, the piece extends over 30 minutes... ︎
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Unreleased tracks written and composed by Leo Young between 1990 and 2001. ︎
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Produced by RE_FORMA for the exhibition Caterina Gobbi: my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed. Presented at ZÖNOTÉKA, Berlin, 18.01.20–02.02.20, as part of Vorspiel / Transmediale & CTM 2020. ︎
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Cassette €6

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