Leo Young - The Lost Files (Unreleased Tracks 1990-2001)

Unreleased tracks written and composed by Leo Young between 1990 and 2001.

Leo was a key figure in the European underground scene since the 80's – from Rome to London to Berlin, Moscow, and Oslo, where he finished his career in 2003. He ran different labels like Pronto Recordings and Sniff and released music on Vibraphone Records, Male Records, MBG International when the whole rave scene started in Rome back in 1990. Later he released albums and plenty of EPs on Tummy Touch, Ktm, Spectrum, Disorient, etc. A long time friend with Harvey from the early London days, he also collaborated with Ray Mang, Idjut Boys, and Bjorn Torske, just to name a few.


Mastered by Trent, Berlin 2020
Concept by Dama

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