Novo Line - Racconti (Remixes) (Vinyl 12”)

Midi fanfare orchestrator Novo Line is back on Protofuture with a blazing 12”. His album “Racconti” (a concept-album on cassette) gets reinterpreted by the artist’s confrères Eva Geist, Dama, Wilted Woman, Tyler Pope and Elena Colombi, one year after its original release.

Cosmic/electro/dub meets synthetic, pulsing patterns inspired by Novo Line's disorienting yet
danceable polyrhythms in this varicolored E.P, which journeys across late night and early morning sounds.

Kindly mastered by Analogcut in Berlin, the music sees the contribution of Protofuture’s
inmates Dj Fett Burger, Trent and Telephones on mixing and live percussion duties.


A1- La Birretta (Eva Geist Remix)
A2- Copertone (Make Dub) Remixed by Dama
A3- Copertone (Wilted Woman Remix)
B1- Sudore (Tyler Pope Remix)
B2- Early Morning (Elena Colombi Remix)


A2: Mastermix by Dj Fett Burger
A2: Vocal, Extra Percussions by Telephones
B2: Mixdown by Trent
Master by Analogcut Berlin
Pressed by Mother Tounge
Artwork by Giulia Cordier
Special thanks: Grace Franck

Released by Protofuture, 06th september 2021



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