Protofuture is an independent music label based in Berlin. Run by Andrea Dama, it serves as a creative output for his own productions as well as various projects up his alley.

Dama is an Italian DJ and producer based in Berlin. Since 2013, he’s been contributing to the local scene, starting with the now set-aside Oscillator party/label and the Dancing for Mental Health night at Sameheads. A long-time resident DJ of Cocktail d’Amore, he’s recognized for his eclectic selection and creative mixing style — and notoriously long back-to-back sets.

An avid digger with 15 years of experience mixing vinyls, he’s always evolving into new sonic territories and novel ways of combining records. Refusing to be defined by genre, his intent is rather to create a vibe that feels mental and energetic, while intimate and organic, underlined by a leftfield, underground sound.

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