Typhoon was a club located in Gambara (Brescia), a small village in the north of Italy, that opened on December 19, 1980 and closed on September 5, 1987. It became legendary because of its music, played by the resident dj Beppe Loda, who helped shape the youth culture in Italy, in the 80s, with music from all over the world. The custom-designed JBL sound system and light system made this club one of the most advanced at the time for the available technology. The music there was based and inspired by the sound of African percussions and it developed in a very experimental way for the time: from Brasilian and Latin music, going through Krautrock, Kosmiche Musik, Disco in different forms, Funky, Elettronica and all the most obscure sounds that would fit in this gigantic pot of music defined as “Afro”. The definition was coined by the club-goers, inspired by the  “Afro Tapes” recorded by Loda first at Bisbi club (Pavone del Mella, Brescia) until 1979, and then in Typhoon. Protofuture decided to bring back to life some of these tapes, using the original covers (when still available), the original stamps, and also a good dose of leftover ink from the 80’s provided by Loda himself. From the past for the future. 

Typhoon club today

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