Dj B. Loda - Experimental Music Program 01/94

Italian club culture pioneer Beppe Loda has played more parties and mixed more genres “than Jesus” (Vice Magazine) and his contribution to dance music “cannot be underestimated” (DJ Harvey). He refined his unique sound and skills during his long residency at the mythical Typhoon club in Italy from 1980-1987, hypnotysing thousands of dancers every week and recording some of the greatest mixtapes ever made.

Experimental Music Program 01/94 was recorded around May '94 at the Sound Music Room club in the north of Italy. It is a very little-known or heard tape of 100 copies (a mix of space rock, trip-hop, break beats and trance) that was dealt between a small circle of clubbers in northern Italy at the time.

For this new edition, we have dug the original covers and stamps from its 1994 release, plus leftover ink from the Typhoon era that was used to stamp all of their tapes since the 80’s. 

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