Caterina Gobbi - my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed

 “Combing her interests in queer ecology, feminism and electronic music production, Caterina Gobbi's performative works often involve participatory acts of walking and listening, producing drifting and transitory pieces in spaces. Through the use of creative writing, experimental sound, and different props, Caterina tells stories that lose the ordinary sense of time, weaving between present and past, vocalising both human and natural geographies. Her work seeks alternative frameworks to explore our relationship with the natural and fabricated world."

Produced by RE_FORMA for the exhibition •Caterina Gobbi: my eyes are wild, my lips tight pressed•
Presented at ZÖNOTÉKA, Berlin, 18.01.20–02.02.20, as part of Vorspiel / Transmediale & CTM 2020.

Also part of the new C20/2020 cassettes series curated by Protofuture. Limited Edition of 30.

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